Please help us buy a Van!

Hello, I’m Chris Leah, also known as The Ashton Boatman. In the video below I’m in The Wooden Canal Boat Society’s charity shop. It’s closed at the moment because of the Pandemic. We might be able to open again in a few weeks time if we’re allowed to, but we’ve got a BIG problem. Our van has died of old age and rust and because of the effects of the pandemic we can’t really afford to replace it. We can’t operate the shop properly without a van because we need it for collecting and delivering stuff and also we need it for maintaining the boats, carrying stuff for that.


If you don’t know about The Wooden Canal Boat Society, we save historic wooden canal boats. When we can we restore them and then we put them to work for the community. Using the boats for the community is very important for us. We run a recycling project and we have a well-being boat that helps people who’ve been suffering from depression and other mental health problems.
Both of these things came to a screeching halt with the pandemic but we’ll get them up and running again as soon as we can. However, at the moment the Number 1 priority is getting a van.

On a personal level, for the last 12 months I’ve been dealing with Long Haul Covid, which is a real pain and is making life very difficult but even without that I couldn’t carry a sofa on my bike or a big drum of tar. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work!

So, if you could help us out with a few quid in this sort of virtual whip-round thing then that would be really wonderful and we’d be very grateful.

We will be publishing the accounts for this on our website when it’s all done and, as a registered charity, at the end of the year The Charity Commission publish our accounts on their website anyway, so you’ll know where your money’s gone.

Thank you very much!

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