Voluntary Charity Trustee

The role of a Charity Trustee is well described on the Charity Commision website. This of course is written to cover all sizes and kinds of charity, but the essential duties are described in this leaflet.

See also: The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do.

We are a small, ethical, local charity set up to preserve historic wooden canal boats, their heritage and the historic skills used in their making.

We have renovated one boat fully and she is now running as Tameside’s Wellbeing boat. A Big Lottery grant was received to help renovate the well-being boat. That has now finished, together with funding for four people, so the current Council of Management are finding our time is taken up on day-to-day work.

We need new Trustees to work on the whole picture and look at ways forward, find funding, etc.

Find other voluntary roles at the WCBS: Do-it.org search.

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