Hazel – New Lives from an Old Boat

Good  News folks!

We have finally heard from the Big Lottery  and we have been awarded £168, 874 under their Reaching  Communities programme.  This is a very big step forward , but now the hard work will really start, to set the project on firm foundations and turn “Hazel” from a restored wooden boat into a living, breathing project , working “the cut”  as a “wellbeing boat” . 

The lottery funding is to last three years. It can only be spent on turning the Hazel Project into a living reality, but  at the end of it we should have a self financing boat, a full time skipper and trained crew, earning enough income to pay for its upkeep and provide a great wellbeing resource for people  in Tameside.

 Some of the key tasks that we must complete in the short term are:

Finish physical restoration and internal refit of ‘Hazel’.

Advertise for a Development Manager.

Set up a Project Office and Admin systems.

Set up a Partnership Steering Group.

Develop an outline  programme and matching expenditure profile for year one. 

Identify risks to progress.

Agree a project start date.

But, establishing the project,  agreeing a programme of work, overseeing the work and  monitoring progress will be a big job in itself, never mind maintaining an overview across the wider  WCBS activities.

Help needed !!

At the moment we have a dedicated, but very small band of managers / trustees. We need more support . If you are reliable and committed and  have experience of  overseeing and  managing an important local charity and/or a  lottery project or you think you have good, relevant  business management skills to offer, please get in touch.  We would like to hear from you. 

Well done !

But , just for the moment,  lets  take a step back, pat ourselves on the back  and  celebrate what has been achieved so far.   Hopefully, our lottery success really will help “Hazel” to  make a difference; in fact,   “new lives from an old boat”.  







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