Book a stay on Hazel near the Anderton Boat Lift

Hazel the wellbeing boat will spend a few days near the Anderton Boat lift, which is situated on the River Weaver, roughly between Northwich and Marbury.

This is your opportunity to stay on this magical 103 year old boat and explore the historic canal lift and the lovely local area.

The boat has comfortable bedrooms, a traditional back cabin, flushing toilet and wetroom shower.

Hazel will be moored at this location from 19 -22 June, 2017 so you can book a stay for up to three nights.

Bookings are at £119 per night for up to eight adults. There is a service fee of £15 per night or £44 for three nights.

Look at the reviews for Hazel at other locations to see how people have enjoyed staying aboard.

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