Guinea Pig Boat Trips

‘What ??’ I hear you cry !!!


Do not panic. No animals will be harmed during these trips !!

The guinea pigs will be our members, sponsors, funders and volunteers who have been invited to come along as a Thank You on one of Hazel’s first public trips. Our volunteer crew members have had their skills honed to perfection by Chris Leah, Hazel’s skipper and Hazel Mayow, Hazel’s volunteer co-ordinator, and they, plus Anne-Louise Black. Hazel’s Development Officer, have ensured that the boat has had all the tiniest snags on the snagging list de-snagged so – now it’s time.

We shall be running Hazel as a well-being boat for folk who have poor mental health so, of course, we want those trips to be relaxed and trouble-free.

Photos and reports will follow – watch this space.


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