Any old iron ??

The Wooden Canal Boat Society and the Canal and River Trust (CaRT) are organising several combined environmental events. The first took place in Stalybridge on Wednesday 23rd September. Anne-Louise Black, the Hazel Project Development Manager says this… ”Thank you so much everyone who came along today to the canal clean up in Stalybridge, it was fantastic!  For those of you that were not with us today, we got about two and a half CRT truck-loads of stuff including about 20 bikes, a lot of trollies, lots of kids scooters and a very heavy metal bollard thing”

Canal clean up Staly Sp 2015This is what our boat Forgetmenot looked like after the clean up !! How impressive is that for a few hours work?

She added ”Thank you Chris Leah for providing the boat, the crew and the teas!

Hopefully we will arrange another one soon, given that we only did such a short stretch of canal, there is much more treasure down there to be found.”

Thanks, Anne-Louise

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